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Initial interview

The intitial interview includes a check list designed to ensure the client review focuses on what is important to the organisation. An important part of the discussion is to identify the various groups with similar traits that interact with your organisation (segmentation) so that the research can effectively target and / or differentiate in the results the various group/s. This assists with a more focused strategy development when using the results.   

Survey development

A survey is developed by Market-Eye to be administered over the phone. The survey is then reviewed by the commissioning organisation and adjustments made where necessary.


An up-to-date list of possible respondents is a critical part of the process. Names can be obtained from CRM systems as well as debtors lists, mailing lists, quote books, invoices or other internal documentation.

Phone implementation

When deemed necesary the first stage of implementation can be to conduct a pilot to ensure the survey does what it is meant to do. After a review of the pilot (and adjustments made if necessary) then the full review is conducted.


An important part of the Market-Eye written report, whilst including statistical information (percentages and unique Market-Eye indicators), provides a summary of comments relating to specific client requirements and perceptions. The comments tell you why. the numbers tell you where you are positioned.

The results allow you to understand issues so that strategies can be developed based on knowledge.

As well as the written report the results are presented by way of a discussion (not formal presentation, although this is an option) by the Principal Consultant of Market-Eye. Our expertise is in the interpretation of the results, we talk our clients through the implications of the resultant information.

Where follow up research is commissioned previous results are automatically included (where appropriate) in subsequent reports.