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The Client Focus

Market-Eye is a boutique business-to-business research organisation specialising in providing information relating to client relationships and competitive positioning.

We believe we are the experts in the manufacturing and distribution sectors throughout Australasia. We understand these markets, they are complex because knowledge, product supply, price and relationships interact with varying emphasis.

Over the 20 years that Market-Eye has been operating the markets researched have changed (and will continue to change), however two aspects are evident to the success of the organisations we deal with - the client relationship, but more importantly acting as a 'consulting' support organisation - proactively assisting clients to increase / maintain profits. These are core components of our feedback process. The main reason for our focus is that it is more cost effective to look after what you have than look for new leads because of the repeat / referral concept. If you look after a client they are more likely to repurchase and / or purchase other offerings (repeat) as well as influence others to purchase (referral). 


Whilst all of our clients are different we generally find the following review areas impact on the customer experience and therefore may form part of the review:

  • Client account management
  • Ease of dealings
  • Overall business relationship
  • Support (ie customer service / technical / quoting) effectiveness
  • Product / delivery related analysis
  • Handling of complaints / quality issues
  • Competitive positioning
  • Benchmarking regions / branches / reps
  • Benchmarking against competitors using the Net Promoter Score