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Business purpose

We believe a B2B suppliers external purpose is to assist their clients make a profit - that's it! To assist translates into understanding clients, then developing and monitoring resultant profit focused strategies - more than just a relationship - there has to be real value (the days of the reliance on personality / hospitality based relationships are over!).

The never ending journey

  • The process is like a journey - draw a line in the sand - conduct an initial review (you need to know existing perceptions).
  • Develop strategies based on the results (where are you going).
  • Implement (start the journey).
  • Monitor - regular reviews (check and adjust to keep moving in the right direction).

Market-Eye's objective - provide feedback as to how well you are fulfilling the business purpose, as part of the journey.

We use techniques that include:

  • Personal interviews
  • Allows for tracking over time
  • Highlights barriers to fulfilling your business purpose
  • Identifies sales / support opportunities

The main outputs are:

  • The Market-Eye '1.75' optimiser rating
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Interview comments
  • Priority summariser

(Combination of qualitative and quantitative information)