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Measure and manage the client experience

Understand and monitor client perceptions

Purchase behaviour is a function of the needs of clients, the ability of the organisation to meet those needs and the competitive environment an organisation operates in.

To understand the needs and measure the factors that impact on purchase intent is where the Market-Eye client audit (based on client perceptions) provides invaluable information (as described by our clients).


The Market-Eye client audit:

  • Covers all organisational touch points that a client may interact with.


  • Identifies client perceived strengths and weaknesses.


  • Allows an organisation to track progress at various levels ie overall, territory and or client ranking.


  • Uses an approach that maximises respondent inclusion by limiting the time required of a respondent and engaging with clients on a personal level (phone), as opposed to impersonal Internet based surveying.


  • Emphasis on what drives respondents and impacts on the organisational perceptions  - we ask why. Phone interviewing allows us to probe responses given.


  • Includes a brief supply focussed phone interview with reps to gain a front-line perspective on one of the critical purchase drivers impacting on the Net Promoter Score, as identified in research by Market-Eye.